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ShellCheck - A shell script static analysis tool
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Marionete - shellcheck

Supported tags

At this moment, only latest tag is available. The image is created from the centos:7 image.


shellcheck is a is a GPLv3 tool that gives warnings and suggestions for bash/sh shell scripts.

This is not an official image, you may find the official image in here.

Running Containers

shellcheck works on a per file basis. To use this image mount an host file as a data volume, you can use the WORKDIR suggested, pointed to /scripts/, to check a single file:

docker container run -v $PWD/ marionete/shellcheck

In cases where more than one file is required, mount an host directory as a data volume and pass, for example:

docker container run -v $PWD:/scripts/ marionete/shellcheck $(ls -1)

For more advanced tweaks choose to create a Dockerfile from this image.

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