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Used for testing the cmake-examples repository at
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The containers in this repository are used to build and test the cmake-examples tutorial

Information about the images and Dockerfiles can be found from here

The images available include the following versions of cmake:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 with CMake

    $ docker pull matrim/cmake-examples:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 with CMake 3.4.3

    $ docker pull matrim/cmake-examples:3.4.3

  • Ubuntu 16.04 with CMake 3.5.1

    $ docker pull matrim/cmake-examples:3.5.1


When run the images will automatically create a non root user called devuser, with a default command to launch a bash shell in the users home directory.

If you want to set the UID and GID for this user you can pass them in via the environment variables DEV_UID and DEV_GID

For example

docker run -e DEV_UID=`id -u` -e DEV_GID=`id -u` -it matrim/cmake-examples:3.4.3

To build the full set of cmake-examples you can run:

docker run -it matrim/cmake-examples:3.4.3
git clone
cd cmake-examples

If you already have a checkout of the cmake-examples and want to run all cmake-example test cases:

docker run -e DEV_UID=`id -u` -e DEV_GID=`id -u` -v /checkout/directory:/data/code -it matrim/cmake-examples:3.4.3 /data/code/
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