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Rotating TOR proxy
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               Docker Container
                        <-> Polipo 1 <-> Tor Proxy 1
Client <---->  HAproxy  <-> Polipo 2 <-> Tor Proxy 2
                        <-> Polipo n <-> Tor Proxy n

Why: Lots of IP addresses. One single endpoint for your client.
Load-balancing by HAproxy.


# build docker container
docker build -t mattes/rotating-proxy:latest .

# ... or pull docker container
docker pull mattes/rotating-proxy:latest

# start docker container
docker run -d -p 5566:5566 -p 4444:4444 --env tors=25 mattes/rotating-proxy

# test with ...
curl --proxy
curl --proxy

# monitor

Further Readings

Please note: Tor offers a SOCKS Proxy only. In order to allow communication
from HAproxy to Tor, Polipo is used to translate from HTTP proxy to SOCKS proxy.
HAproxy is able to talk to HTTP proxies only.

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2 years ago

Just curious, i'm getting this message, when routing through this docker

Error while pulling image: Get tls: oversized record received with length 20527