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How-to run it locally with your google account

docker run -it -p 80:5000 mikemichel/pokemongo-map:2.0.0 -a google -u -p YOURPASSWORD -l "cologne,cathedral ,DE" -st 5 --google-maps-key "your-gmap-api-key" -H

Deploy it to

Create new project:

Image path: mikemichel/pokemongo-map:2.0.0
Image tag: 2.0.0

CMD Command:

python -a google -u -p YOURPASSWORD -l "cologne,cathedral ,DE" -st 5 --google-maps-key "your-gmap-api-key" -H

Exposed port: 5000

Choose a free * domain, go back (arrow upper left) and hit "deploy". Wait for the app to be started (status green 1) and click on the link under the "Container name".

Quote from the github repo!

Using this software is against the ToS and can get you banned. Use at your own risk.

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