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Short Description
(unofficial) Rakudo Star Perl 6 distribution (MoarVM backend) Docker image based on Fedora Linux.
Full Description


mj41/perl6-star is unofficial Docker image
of Rakudo Star Perl 6 with MoarVM backend
based on Fedora Docker image and maintained by mj41.

Source code of Dockerfile and utilities live on

The official Docker image

The official Docker image of Perl 6 Rakudo Star has name 'rakudo-star' and is based on buildpack-deps. Source repository of 'rakudo-star' is available on

HowTo intro

You should know what Docker, Docker image and Docker containers are about. Please read:

HowTo prepare

Install and start Docker service. Example for Fedora 23:

sudo dnf -y install docker
sudo systemctl start docker
sudo systemctl status docker
docker info

For other distributions or Mac OS see installation guide.

Pull mj41/perl6-star image. Command below is going to download nearly 1GB of data from Internet.
It contains base fedora:23 image and many other layers of mj41/perl6-star Docker image.

docker pull mj41/perl6-star:latest

HowTo Hello word

Try "Hello world from Docker container".

docker run -i -t --rm --name my-first-p6-temp mj41/perl6-star:latest /bin/bash -c $'perl6 -e\'say "Hello world from Docker container!"\''

HowTo play with Rakudo Perl 6

Create interactive container and run Bash shell inside:

docker run -i -t --name p6-test-container mj41/perl6-star:latest /bin/bash

Now you can run e.g.

perl6 -e'say "hello"'

Command 'exit' is going to exit shell and container is stopped


See all (including stopped) containers

docker ps -a

Start 'p6-test-container' container (Bash) again

docker start -i p6-test-container

You can delete container and all data/files you made inside:

docker rm p6-test-container

HowTo mount your host directory

You can mount your host directory to Docker container (read-write):

export P6_DEV_DIR="$HOME/perl6-my-dev/"
echo $P6_DEV_DIR
mkdir -p $P6_DEV_DIR
chmod a+rwx $P6_DEV_DIR
chcon -Rt svirt_sandbox_file_t $P6_DEV_DIR
echo 'say "Hello from host file running inside Docker container."' > $P6_DEV_DIR/base-test.p6
docker run -i -t --rm -v $P6_DEV_DIR:/mnt/host-p6-dir:ro --name p6-dev-container mj41/perl6-star:latest /bin/bash

and inside container bash:

perl6 /mnt/host-p6-dir/base-test.p6

Newer image/tags

  • 2016.11 (Fedora 25)
  • latest should be the same as the one a line above

Old images/tags

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository