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A base image for php tools
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Portable PHP cli

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The source repo contains a php script that wraps executing a docker container to execute php. The current directory is mounted into /src in the container and a wrapper script executes php as a user who's uid and gid matches those properties on that directory. This way PHP runs as the directory owner/group instead of root or a random user.

Because this runs out of a Docker container, all files and directories required by your php command must be available within the current directory. Accessing files or directories elsewhere on the system will not work. The simplest solution is to use Composer to install any dependencies in your working directory.

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Based on PHP Offical (debian:jessie). This is simply a php CLI binary built with various tools, most notably Oracle instantclient and OCI8 libraries and the as-user command wrapper because they're a pain to install or setup. It's also used as a base image for several other tools.

The working directory is configured as /src and a default user is created and a wrapper script (/as-user) is provided that allows you to run entrypoint commands as the user and group that owns the mounted /src directory.

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