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Dockerfile to setup OpenSpeedTest server based on Alpine
Full Description

docker: OpenSpeedTest

This is a Docker image to run nginx and OpenSpeedTest application for benchmarking network performance.

  • Runs as non-root user
  • Small image size
  • Can be used to measure LAN, VPN or internet speed
  • HTML5 (no Flash or Java)
  • No client to install, works directly from Web Browser

Total size of this image is:

Pulling from Docker hub

If you want to obtain the image from Docker registry, you can use the following command:

docker pull mlabbe/openspeedtest

Running the image

In order to start the openspeedtest container, use the following:

docker run --restart=unless-stopped --name=openspeedtest -d -p 80:8080 mlabbe/openspeedtest

You can also use a different port if you want. You can keep the default built-in ports inside the container and just map them to different ports on the host, e.g.:

-p 8081:8080

At that point, you can use your Docker server as a SpeedTest server to begin
benchmarking your network speeds, e.g.:



Upgrading the application inside the Docker image is easy. Just pull the image again from Docker Hub, then stop/remove the container and create it again. It will download the newer zip file while rebuilding:

docker pull mlabbe/openspeedtest
docker stop openspeedtest
docker rm openspeedtest
docker run --restart=unless-stopped --name=openspeedtest -d -p 80:8080 mlabbe/openspeedtest
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