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monasca-agent-forwarder Dockerfile

This image contains a containerized version of the Monasca agent forwarder. For
more information on the Monasca project, see the wiki. It is based on the
agent-base image also built in monasca-docker.

Sources: monasca-agent · monasca-docker · Dockerfile


Images in this repository are tagged as follows:

  • latest: refers to the latest stable point release, e.g. 1.6.0
  • 1.6.0, 1.6, 1: standard semver tags, based on git tags in the
    official repository.
  • mitaka, newton, etc: named versions following OpenStack release names
    built from the tip of stable/RELEASENAME branches in the repository
  • master, master-DATESTAMP: unstable testing builds from the master branch,
    these may have features or enhancements not available in stable releases, but
    are not production-ready.


The agent forwarder requires a reachable Monasca API server.

In environments resembling the official docker-compose or Kubernetes
environments, the image does not require additional configuration parameters and
can be minimally run like so:

docker run -it monasca/agent-forwarder:latest


Variable Default Description
LOG_LEVEL WARN Python logging level
OS_AUTH_URL http://keystone:35357/v3/ Versioned Keystone URL
OS_USERNAME monasca-agent Agent Keystone username
OS_PASSWORD password Agent Keystone password
OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME Default Agent Keystone user domain
OS_PROJECT_NAME mini-mon Agent Keystone project name
OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME Default Agent Keystone project domain
MONASCA_URL http://monasca:8070/v2.0 Versioned Monasca API URL
HOSTNAME_FROM_KUBERNETES false If true, determine node hostname from Kubernetes
NON_LOCAL_TRAFFIC false If true, forwarder listens on all addresses

Note that additional variables can be specified as well, see the
config template for a definitive list.


dbuild can be used with the build.yml file to build and push the

To build the container from scratch using just docker commands, run:

docker build -t youruser/agent-forwarder:latest .

A few build argument can be set:

  • REBULID: a simple method to invalidate the Docker image cache. Set to
    --build-arg REBUILD="$(date)" to force a full image rebuild.
  • HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY should be set as needed for your environment

If you'd like to build this image against an uncommitted working tree, consider
using git-sync to mirror your local tree to a temporary git repository.

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