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The back-end for the Monolithe Specifications Director
Full Description

Specifications Director Server

This image contains the server for monolithe/specsdirector-client.

Typically, you can start it by doing:

docker run -d -p 1984:1984 monolithe/specsdirector-server


By default, this docker image contains a default already-generated certificates, this not secure, this is only to get you started.

Ton set the correct certificates, generate a certificate pair, and put them somewhere in the host, like in /home/specsdirectors/server/certiticates. You must have server.pem and server.key in that folder. Then start the container by mounting this folder:

docker run -d -p 1984:1984 -v /home/specsdirectors/server/certiticates:/certificates monolithe/specsdirector-server


This image can the following paramters as environment variables

Environment Variable Effects
GARUDA_PORT Sets the port to use for the server. Default 1984
GARUDA_MONGO_HOST Sets the hostname for the MongoDB. Default
GARUDA_MONGO_PORT Sets the port for the MongoDB. Default 27017
GARUDA_MONGO_DB Sets the name of the MongoDB. Default specsdirector
GARUDA_REDIS_HOST Sets the hostname for Redis. Default
GARUDA_REDIS_PORT Sets the port for Redis. Default 6379
GARUDA_REDIS_DB Sets the db number of Redis. Default 6
NO_AUTHENTICATION Disable completely the authentication
LDAP_ADDRESS Sets the LDAP host address. For instance
LDAP_BASE_DN_TEMPLATE Sets the LDAP base DN template to use. For instance uid=%s,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=company,dc=com. You must use %s where you want the user name to be inserted in the template
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