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chronos & marathon console client - Manage your jobs like a git repository
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Manage your Chronos and Marathon tasks like a git repository on your console

  • Prepare your tasks before you send them to Remote
  • Manage a separate git repository for tasks backups and history
  • Fast check of your tasks status

It is possible to use either of the system independently or both at once.



Run chapi in docker

Create a parameters_docker.yml file with the following content:

    cache_dir: /root/.chapi/cache
    chronos_url: 'http://your.chronos.url:4400/'
    chronos_http_username: YOUR_CHRONOS_USER
    chronos_http_password: YOUR_CHRONOS_PASS
    repository_dir: /chronos-jobs
    marathon_url: 'http://your.marathon.url:8080/'
    marathon_http_username: YOUR_MARATHON_USER
    marathon_http_password: YOUR_MARATHON_PASS
    repository_dir_marathon: /marathon-jobs

Run docker:

docker pull msiebeneicher/chapi-client:latest

docker run -it \
    -v ~/parameters_docker.yml:/root/.chapi/parameters.yml \
    -v /your/local/checkout/chronos-jobs:/chronos-jobs \
    -v /your/local/checkout/marathon-jobs:/marathon-jobs \
    msiebeneicher/chapi-client:latest <COMMAND>
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