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docker-mydumper containerizes MySQL logical backup tool mydumper
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MySQLboy at gihub

This docker image based on debian:jessie is comprised of a pre-compiled mydumper/myloader binary that can be used to backup a mysql data to a mounted volume.

This can be pulled from here, directly or it can be built using the and Dockerfile hosted over on github. The README on github will (soon) contain the instructions but it's mega simple.

The below docker run command will start a container and call the mydumper tool to connect to a specified MySQL instance and create a logical backup. Myloader can also be called similarly to provide data restore functionality.

For further mydumper documentation on usage or features, visit the launchpad project.

Backup Usage:

docker run \
  --name mydumper \
  --rm \
  -v {backup_parent_dir}:/backups \
  mysqlboy/docker-mydumper:latest \
 mydumper \
  --host={ _host_ipaddr_ } \
  --user={ _mysql_username_ } \
  --password={ _mysql_password_ } \
  --outputdir=/backups \
  --less-locking \
  --compress \


if you're running selinux on your docker host you may need to correct the context if you experience permission issues.

chcon -Rt svirt_sandbox_file_t {backup_parent_dir}
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