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Short Description
Minimalistic rotate tor docker image based on Alpine Linux (~27MB)
Full Description


               Docker Container
                       <-> Tor Proxy 1
Client <---->  HAproxy <-> Tor Proxy 2
                       <-> Tor Proxy n


Why: Lots of IP addresses. One single endpoint for your client.
Load-balancing by HAproxy.


# build docker container
docker build -t negash/docker-haproxy-tor:latest .

# ... or pull docker container
docker pull negash/docker-haproxy-tor:latest

# start docker container
docker run -d -p 5566:5566 -p 2090:2090 -e tors=25 negash/docker-haproxy-tor

# test with ...
curl --socks5

# monitor 
# auth login:admin
# auth pass:admin

# start docket container with new auth
docker run -d -p 5566:5566 -p 2090:2090 -e login=MySecureLogin -e pass=MySecurePassword negash/docker-haproxy-tor

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