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A simple Nginx container to expose a folder's contents via HTTP.
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Perhaps not the best name for the repository but as we know, naming things is difficult. I didn't bother searching if there already exists an image which provides this functionality, I get to customize this for my own needs :)

At the moment source code is located at


  • SSH to the server which has the file you'd like to download
  • cd to the folder which contains the file (or any of its parents)
  • Start the container: docker run -p 1234:80 -v "$PWD:/volume" -it nikonyrh/nginx_bridge
  • Download the file or your machine: wget servername:1234/
  • Shutdown the container: Ctrl+C

Optional parameters:

  • -no-logs: Disable access logs at /conf/logs.txt
  • --auth user:password: Enable basic authentication
  • -ssl or -tls: enable self-signed cert and TLS configuration (remember to publish port 443).

Alternatively use daemon mode and leave it running there for future use. Access log is found at servername:1234/conf/logs.txt

Future development:

  • Extra features
  • ???
  • Profit
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