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This is docker images of Alpine with apache2 and php5/composer
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Alpine microcontainer with apache and php5

This is a micro docker container based on Alpine 3.4 and Apache 2.2 and php 5


This images are build on nimmis/alpine-micro which are a modified version of Alpine with a working
init process, and a working cron, logrotate and syslog. Services are started with
runit daemon, for more information about that see nimmis/alpine-mico

starting the container as a daemon

docker run -d --name apache-php5 nimmis/alpine-apache-php5

This will start the container with apache process runnung, access the container with

docker exec -ti apache-php5 /bin/sh

Static web folder

The images exposes a volume at /web. The structure below /web is

Directory Function
html web root
cgi-bin cgi bin folder
config config directory
logs log directory

To use this start the container with

docker run -d --name apache-php5 -v /path/to/web:/web nimmis/alpine-apache-php5

if the folders are missing they will be created

Accessing apache from outside the container

To access the webserver from external you use the -P command where the syntax is

-P <external port on host>:<local port in container>

so to access the apache server on port 8080 you should use the command

docker run -d --name apache-php5 -p 8080:80  nimmis/alpine-apache-php5
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