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Nix package manager
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This image contains Nix package manager installation. Usage:

FROM nixos/nix:1.11

RUN nix-channel --add nixpkgs
RUN nix-channel --update

RUN nix-build -A pythonFull '<nixpkgs>'

Dockerfile used to genererate this image.

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4 months ago

Fixing the SSL issues is simple:

$ docker run --rm -it nixos/nix sh
$ apk --update upgrade
$ apk add ca-certificates
$ update-ca-certificates
5 months ago

Unfortunately this is not a NixOS image :(
It is basically Alpine linux distibution, with apk package manager and nix-env on top of it.
Misadventures: wget ssl doesn't work, no nix-rebuild, no /etc/nixos/configuration.nix , nix-env --help doesn't work, and much more.

Please rename it to something like alpine-nix to avoid confusion, and upload additional pure NixOS image.

6 months ago

For the curious, this is where the Dockerfile is:

a year ago

Any chance of a copy of the Dockerfile you used to build this?

a year ago

You can run the following to drop into a container shell:

docker run --rm -it nixos/nix sh
2 years ago

How to use this image? Could you put an example please.