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Docker image for running Symfony project
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Version follows php version

  • latest
  • 7.0
  • 5


This image setup a apache2/php container with composer, symfony cmd, php-cs-fixer, xdebug, memcache and imagemagick. It fixs datetime to UTC and sessions are save to redis container.

Starting script :

  • disable xdebug on production
  • create and persist composer directory for cache
  • launch init script specified by environment variable for each symfony project before init
  • launch post script specified by environment variable for each symfony project after init
  • make composer install if specified by environment vairable.


Use with docker compose:

docker-compose up -d

Environment variables:

SYMFONY_ENV=prod ##environment for symfony
SYMFONY_DIRECTORY=/var/www ##directory of a symfony project or containing multiple symfony project
SYMFONY_INIT_site1=True ##Launch composer install for symfony project site1
SYMFONY_PREV_site1=./ ##Launch special script before initialisation, script located in $SYMFONY_DIRECTORY/site1/
SYMFONY_POST_site2=./ ##Launch special script after initialisation, script located in $SYMFONY_DIRECTORY/site2/


  • Use fonctionnal symfony website for docker-compose.yml, like in docker-compose.test.yml


Bitcoin Address: 15NVMBpZJTvkefwfsMAFA3YhyiJ5D2zd3R

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