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A static web server with find & replace support for environment variables
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Getting Started

This repository is used to generate the images available in the Docker hub. Using this image for your own project is as simple as creating a Dockerfile with the two lines below:

FROM nstapelbroek/static-webserver:1
COPY ./dist /var/www

Using enviornment variables

When this container bootstraps, a script will find and replace all occurrences of {container.env.%variableName%} and replace them for their matching values passed in the environment variables of your container.

For instance, a HTML file containing the code:

    My backend is located at {container.env.BACKEND_URL}

Ran with an environment variable BACKEND_URL=, will result in:

What tag should you use

There are a couple of tags available for this image:

  • 1 referes to its equaly named support branch for preparing new minor or patch releases. This branch will be auto-rebuild every day meaning you'll also get the latest updates from the upstream nginx image. Use this branch whenever you can.
  • 1.x.x referes to an release. These releases are not auto-rebuild (yet) so you'll miss out on any updates or patches. It holds a good purpose if you want to pin to a specific release.
  • latest referes to a build with new features or improvements that are potentially BC-breaking.

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