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Docker image for Apache incubator-singa|
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SINGA website, Github repository.

Availabe images

Tag OS version devel/runtime Device CUDA/CUDNN
latest Ubuntu16.04 runtime CPU -
runtime Ubuntu16.04 runtime CPU -
runtime-cuda Ubuntu16.04 runtime GPU CUDA8.0+CUDNN5
devel Ubuntu16.04 devel CPU -
devel-cuda Ubuntu16.04 devel GPU CUDA8.0+CUDNN5
  • For the devel images, the container has a incubator-singa folder in the root directory,
    which has the latest SINGA code. The code has been compiled into incubator-singa/build directory and PySINGA has been installed.
  • For the runtime images, the container has only installed the PySINGA.


To use the runtime and devel images, execute
docker run -it nusdbsystem/singa:<Tag> /bin/bash

To use the cuda enabled images, execute
nvidia-docker run -it nusdbsystem/singa:<Tag> /bin/bash

Tag naming style

  • devel: development images with all dependent libs' header files installed and SINGA's source code;
  • runtime: the minimal images which can run SINGA programs.
  • OS: ubuntu, ubuntu14.04, centos, centos6
  • CUDA: cuda, cuda8.0, cuda7.0
  • CUDNN: cudnn, cudnn5, cudnn4
  • OPENCL: opencl, opencl1.2

By default, if the version is not included in the tag, the latest stable version is used.
The default OS is ubuntu. The version is the latest stable version (e.g., 16.04 for now).
For -cuda version, the cudnn is included by default. Their versions are also the latest stable version, i.e., cuda-8.0 and cudnn-5 for now.

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