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Pure-ftpd server running as localhost with a default user test
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A simple Docker image with a predefined test user, based on a simple extension of Andrew Stilliard's Pure FTPd image

This also uses ideas from Chris Pitt's pure ftp image


This is a local developers image to use a ftp server for development and testing in isolation.

It is not a intended to run this image as infrastructure.

Changes to the original image

  1. Sets the PUBLICHOST to localhost
  2. Creates a default user test with credentials test on the FTP server

Publichost explained

The image from stillard would start up a server with a public host of by default. This means it thinks its own public address is

When your run stillards image you have to remember to override the value PUBLICHOST every time you create the container else it will never work locally as localhost.

E.G. from Stillard's instructions:

docker run -d --name ftpd_server -p 21:21 -p 30000-30009:30000-30009 -e "PUBLICHOST=localhost" stilliard/pure-ftpd:hardened

Where -e "PUBLICHOST=localhost" has to be changed each and every time to run as localhost

This version the server will run up expecting itself to be localhost and repsect commands to/from localhost so you can use this locally.



Pull the image from Docker Hub using

    docker pull onekilo79/ftpd_test


Setup a local directory for the ftp server to use

Running the following will create a file under a directory locally. I have chosen to use the directory /tmp/ftp/

When the ftp server is created it will use /tmp/ftp as the start of its own file system.

The user test will have a home folder that external to the ftp server will be /tmp/ftp/ftpusers/test/

Creating a file under /tmp/ftp/ftpusers/test/ will allow you to see it when you log into the ftp server at test

    mkdir -p /tmp/ftp/ftpusers/test/
    touch /tmp/ftp/ftpusers/test/this_working_oh_hai.txt

Create and start the docker container against the locally created directory

    docker run -d --name ftpd_server -p 21:21 -p 30000-30009:30000-30009 -v /tmp/ftp:/hostmount onekilo79/ftpd_test

Run command explained

  • Run docker container in the background
    docker run -d 
  • Naming the container ftpd_server. This allows us to use the /tmp/ftp folder as the root of the ftp file system.
    --name ftpd_server 
  • opening port 21 from the outside world and mapping it to port 21 inside the container.
    -p 21:21 
  • opening ports 30000-30009 from the outside world and mapping it to ports 30000-30009 inside the container.
    -p 30000-30009:30000-30009 
  • mounting the dirctory /tmp/ftp externally to /hostmount directory inside the container
    -v /tmp/ftp:/hostmount
  • using image onekilo79/ftpd_test

Test the ftp connection

You can log into the server via:

    ftp ftp://test:test@localhost

Test the file created above is seen


Your date will be different but you should see the file this_working_oh_hai.txt

-rw-r--r--    1 1000       ftpgroup            0 Oct 22 17:46 this_working_oh_hai.txt
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