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Production ready Docker image of Portus.
Full Description

This repository contains the source files used to build the official
openSUSE image for Docker and the Docker images derived from them.

Repository layout

The source code of the official openSUSE images is organized inside of dedicated
directories kept under the root of the repository.

All the images derived from the official ones are stored under the
derived_images directory.


Official openSUSE images:

These images are not supposed to be built locally. The build is going to happen
inside of the Open Build Service.

For each base image there's a dedicated OBS subproject under the

The build results are automatically aggregated inside of
this repository.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use the OBS service hook for OBS because
this repository contains the source code of more than 1 OBS project.

Derived images

  • The docker package.

Each directory contains a Dockerfile. To build the image use the following

cd <directory containing the Dockerfile>
docker build -t <name of the image> .

It's also recommended to associate these images to an
automated build on
Docker Hub.

In order to do that you must be a member of the
openSUSE organization on
Docker Hub.

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