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Docker image for Syncthing client/node.
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Docker image for Syncthing client/node.

Running the Container

First create some named data volumes to hold the persistent data:

docker volume create --name syncthing-config
docker volume create --name syncthing-data

Then run the Syncthing client:

docker run -d -p 8384:8384 -p 21025:21025/udp -p 22000:22000 -v syncthing-config:/etc/syncthing -v syncthing-data:/vol/storage --name syncthing-client phlak/syncthing

Optional arguments

-v /local/somedir:/vol/storage/somedir - Map a directory (i.e. /local/somedir) on the host OS to
the running container. This is useful for syncing files
on the host system through the container. This replaces
the -v syncthing-data:/vol/storage run argument.

-e TZ=America/Phoenix - Set the timezone for your server. You can find your timezone in this
list of timezones. Use the (case sensitive)
value from the TZ column. If left unset, timezone will be UTC.

--restart unless-stopped - Always restart the container regardless of the exit status, but do not
start it on daemon startup if the container has been put to a stopped
state before. See the Docker restart policies
for additional details.


Please report bugs to the GitHub Issue Tracker.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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