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image for testing and hacking libreplan
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$ docker run -it poum/libreplan:hack /bin/bash

The hack libreplan docker image is based on debian 7 updated with all build tools (maven 2) and a clone of the official github repository (
'mvn clean install' and 'mvn jetty:run' have already been executed once in order to download maven dependencies.

The LibrePlan git clone is located in /opt/libreplan.

So you have to

  • start Postgresql service: 'service postgresql start'
  • go to /opt/libreplan
  • update source: 'git pull'
  • compile: 'mvn clean install' (You have to wait Postgresl is started or the build will fail)
  • go to libreplan-webapp: 'cd libreplan-webapp'
  • launch jetty server: 'mvn jetty:run'

Finally, go to http://ip_of_docker_container:8080/libreplan-webapp


  • dissociate Postgresql instance
  • make a Dockerfile
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