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Graphite web + carbon + whisper in a Docker container
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Graphite web + carbon + whisper in a Docker container

The existing images for Graphite all seemed to be either bloated, out-of-date, or built for use with certain extensions. This Docker image is an attempt to create a basic image that makes it very easy to get Graphite up-and-running quickly.

Quick start:

docker run \
  -p 8000:8000 \
  -v /local/storage:/opt/graphite/storage \
  -e GRAPHITE_WEB_SECRET_KEY='<secret key>' \

This will expose the Graphite web frontend and API at port 8000 on the host with the persistent storage mounted at /local/storage. Be sure to set the secret key to something better.

Volumes and ports

  • /opt/graphite/storage volume for persistent storage
  • Port 8000 for the graphite-web interface


Two processes are managed by supervisord:

  • gunicorn running graphite-web
  • carbon-cache


The example configurations are used in the following places:

  • conf/graphite.wsgi.example -> webapp/graphite/

Storage schemas

The retention schema that is used is 1 minute for 1 day, 5 minutes for 1 year,
and 1 hour for 5 years.

AMQP Configuration

Carbon can collect metrics via AMQP and can be configured to do using the following environment variables.

  • ENABLE_AMQP defaults to False
  • AMQP_VERBOSE defaults to False
  • AMQP_HOST defaults to localhost
  • AMQP_PORT defaults to 5672
  • AMQP_VHOST defaults to /
  • AMQP_USER defaults to guest
  • AMQP_PASSWORD defaults to guest
  • AMQP_EXCHANGE defaults to graphite
  • AMQP_METRIC_NAME_IN_BODY defaults to False

We added a simple based on the webapp/graphite/ example. The SECRET_KEY and email settings can be set using environment variables.

Extra functionality

There are a number of extra dependencies that can be installed to enable extra functionality in Graphite. We install only txAMQP for AMQP functionality. See here for more information.

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