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Forked to use puma due to problems with thin not sending events. NOW using official ruby image!
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Run Dashing in a Docker container.

Link: pysysops/docker-dashing


docker run -d -p 8080:3030 pysysops/docker-dashing

And point your browser to http://localhost:8080/.


Custom dashing port

If you want dashing to use a custom port inside the container, e g 8080, use the environment variable $PORT:

docker run -d -e PORT=8080 -p 80:8080 pysysops/docker-dashing


To provide a custom dashboard, use container volume /dashboards:

docker run -v=/my/custom/dashboards:/dashboards -d -p 8080:3030 pysysops/docker-dashing

(Don't forget to also provide the layout.erb)


To provide custom jobs, use container volume /jobs:

docker run -v=/my/cool/job:/jobs -d -p 8080:3030 pysysops/docker-dashing


To install custom widgets supply the gist IDs of the widgets as an environment variable:

docker run -d -e WIDGETS=5641535 -p 8080:3030 pysysops/docker-dashing

This example will install the Random Aww widget
before starting dashing. Multiple widgets can be supplied.

Also you can use local custom widgets

docker run -v=/my/cool/widgets:/widgets -d -p 8080:3030 pysysops/docker-dashing


To install gems, supply the gem name(s) as an environment variable:

docker run -d -e GEMS=instagram -e WIDGETS=5278790 -p 8080:3030 pysysops/docker-dashing

This example installs the Instagram photos by location widget,
which depends on the instagram gem. Multiple gems and widgets can be supplied like so:

docker run -d -e GEMS="mysql instagram" -e WIDGETS=5278790 -p 8080:3030 pysysops/docker-dashing

Public (favicon, 404)

To provide custom 404 and favicon, use container volume /public.

Configuration File

The configuration file is available on volume /config.

Edit this file to change your API key, to add authentication and more.


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