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armv7l/armhf Alpine Linux Image
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docker pull resnullius/alpine:latest
docker pull resnullius/alpine-armv7l:latest

This is a fork from the gliderlabs/docker-alpine project that works on armhf/armv7l and x86_64 (the original project works on x86_64 by default) machines. It's based off from the gliderlabs/alpine and differs in the repository being used ( instead of fastly) and the versions supported (support starts from v3.2).

The resulting images are from Alpine Linux, a minimalist Linux distribution that uses musl instead of glibc. The final size of the non-development images is between 4MB and 5MB.

The tags available for both, resnullius/alpine and resnullius/alpine-armv7l are:

Source and issues: github:resnullius/docker-alpine.

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