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[DISCONTINUED] MariaDB on Alpine Linux 3.3
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This project is no longer maintained.

MariaDB on Alpine Linux 3.3.

Author: Federico Razzoli - federico_raz at
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General info

Currently supported MariaDB versions:

  • 10.1


  • Includes mysql client. TERM is set to "xterm" by default.
  • Exposes MariaDB port.
  • Unreasonable settings borught to reasonable minimums. Query cache disable by default.
  • Galera cluster-wide and node-specific settings are in separated files.
  • Volumes:
    • /var/lib/mysql
    • /var/log/mysql
    • /var/backups/mysql
  • CONNECT, SEQUENCE, BLACKHOLE, Archive enabled by default.
  • query_response_time, metadata_lock_info, locales enabled by default.


  • Cannot start container with existing database in place (to-do).
  • Galera is missing.
  • TokuDB is missing.
  • OQGRAPH is missing.


  • Try to include Galera, compiled on Alpine.
  • Try to include OQGRAPH.

Hands on

To create a container:

docker run -d --name maria-alpine santec/mariadb-alpine:10.1

I build it in this way:

docker build --no-cache -t santec/mariadb-alpine:latest -t santec/mariadb-alpine:10.1 .


If you find a bug, you can report it on GitHub. I will fix it when I have the time, if it requires a reasonable effort.

You can also buy support. I will provide you with all the necessary help on this image, MariaDB and Docker. I will also fix the bugs that cause a damage to your activities or will find a good workaround for them.
Just contact me at federico_raz at

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