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Docker image for Mozilla's Firefox OS development environment
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Firefox OS Docker (fxos-docker)

This repository contains Dockerfile of Ubuntu Desktop (LXDE) for Docker through an automated build that is published on the Docker Hub Registry and allows your to use NoVNC through the browser to run the operating system.

Base Docker Image


1.) Install Docker


Initial Run of Container

Only use this command to create a new instance of the image. To continue using the same container, use the Run Existing Container in the Useful Commands section below.
docker run -i -t -p 6080:6080 silne30/fxos-docker
This will create a new instance (container) of the image and it will begin to run. The terminal will show output with a bunch of PID's. Open up a browser window and hit the IP address that docker is using with port 6080. For instance, if Docker is using IP Address then you would enter into your browser.

Additional Information

  • The gaia repository was cloned to: /home/gaia-env/gaia
  • Password for super user: ubuntu

Useful Commands

from Docker Reference

  • List all running containers: docker ps
  • List all containers: docker ps -a
  • Relaunch existing container: docker start <CONTAINER_ID>
  • Stop running container: docker stop <CONTAINER_ID
  • Print IP Address Docker is using:
    • Mac/Windows: boot2docker ip
    • Linux: docker inspect <CONTAINER_ED>
  • Build Dockerfile (Useful if you made changes to Dockerfile): docker build <Dockerfile>
  • Build all Dockerfiles: docker build . That period is not a typo. Don't forget the period.
Docker Pull Command
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