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A docker-ized implementation of Bedrock by roots and WordPress.
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Bedrocker is an integration of Bedrock and Docker.
It makes use of the existing official WordPress image and therefore automatically
gets WP updates.

Using this image

To implement your installation using this image, create your own Dockerfile using this as the base image, like so:

FROM squareweave/bedrocker

The project installs Bedrock into /app, and sets the Apache webroot to be /app/web. WordPress is installed (as you would expect) to /app/web/wp.

wp-cli is installed as the command wp, and you can run this by docker exec -ti [name of your container] wp. Composer is installed as composer, and you can run that in a similar fashion.

Example of using composer in your build:

FROM squareweave/bedrocker

COPY composer.json composer.lock /app/
RUN composer install && composer clear-cache

Note: To get the benefit of upstream WordPress updates, it's important that you remove the following requirement/s (if they're present) from your composer.json:

"johnpbloch/wordpress": "...."
"johnpbloch/wordpress-core-installer": "...."

To add themes, plugins, etc, all you need to do is COPY those into your project. An easy way to do this is to have an app directory in your project which is copied into the /app

Example of copying app/themes to your container during build:

FROM squareweave/bedrocker

COPY app/themes /app/web/app/themes
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