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builds a docker image with UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns HEAT engine (and plugin extensions)

To run:

  • git clone stackinabox/docker-supervisord and build it follwing the in the repo

  • git clone stackinabox/docker-uc-pattern-engine.git

  • Download UCD with Patterns HEAT engine installer zip and extract it into 'artifacts' folder
    You are on your own for finding this since it's a licensed product

  • Build the image:

     docker build -t stackinabox/urbancode-patterns-engine:%version% .
    • Now your ready to run the patterns-engine container. The command below supplies the container with a couple of ENV properties
      • PUBLIC_HOSTNAME: a resolveable dns name for this container, you can add an entry to your /etc/hosts file for a quick solution
      • ALLOWED_AUTH_URIS: This value is used by the embedded HEAT engine to determine which OpenStack Keystone endpoints will be allowed to operate this engine
      docker run -d --name urbancode_patterns_engine -e PUBLIC_HOSTNAME=docker -e ALLOWED_AUTH_URIS= -p 8000:8000 -p 8003:8003 -p 8004:8004 stackinabox/urbancode-patterns-engine:%version%
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