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Elassandra is a fork of Elasticsearch modified to run on top of Apache Cassandra.
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Official Elassandra image

Elassandra is a fork of Elasticsearch modified to run on top of Apache Cassandra in a scalable and resilient peer-to-peer architecture. Elasticsearch code is embedded in Cassanda nodes providing advanced search features on Cassandra tables and Cassandra serve as an Elasticsearch data and configuration store.
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This docker image is intended to support simple, single-node configuration of elassandra, essentially for testing purpose.

Start a single-node cluster

docker run --name el strapdata/elassandra

Connect with cqlsh

docker run -it --link el --rm strapdata/elassandra cqlsh some-elassandra

Connect to Elasticsearch API with curl

docker run -it --link el --rm strapdata/elassandra curl some-elassandra:9200

Exposed ports

  • 7000: intra-node communication
  • 7001: TLS intra-node communication
  • 7199: JMX
  • 9042: CQL
  • 9160: thrift service
  • 9200: ElasticSearch HTTP
  • 9300: ElasticSearch transport


  • /var/lib/cassandra

More information

This docker image is based on docker-library/cassandra.
For more complicated setups, please refer to the documentation.


The strapdata/elassandra-enterprise image comes with the Elassandra Enterprise plugin pre-installed with a trial licence.

It brings more features out of the box :

  • Elasticsearch through CQL
  • JMX monitoring & management

And with some extra configuration, you can enable :

  • Network encryption
  • Authentication, authorization and audit
  • Content-based security

Check-out the documentation for detailed instructions.

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