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StrongLoop, Node.js, and tools.
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StrongLoop, Node, and tools.

NOTE: these images are mostly a proof of concept. If you want to use
StrongLoop in Docker you probably want to look at


The strongloop/node image can be used interactive or as the base for other


strongloop/node comes in the following flavours:

  • strongloop/node:latest - latest node compiled from source + strongloop
  • strongloop/node:iojs - latest iojs compiled from source + strongloop


Once you have Docker installed and the docker command working, you can pull
the image from Docker Hub:

$ docker pull strongloop/node
# .... pulling down image

Now you can spin up a temporary Linux environment with node and strongloop

$ docker run -it strongloop/node bash
$ slc --version
strongloop v3.1.0 (node v0.10.38)
├── strong-arc@1.1.0
├── strong-build@1.0.3 (5a43a57)
├── strong-deploy@1.2.0 (1c78f8d)
├── strong-pm@3.1.9 (9579431)
├── strong-registry@1.1.4 (aab3dbb)
├── strong-start@1.0.3 (b23e63f)
├─┬ strong-supervisor@1.5.2 (cd3897a)
│ └── strong-agent@1.4.0
├── generator-loopback@1.9.0 (b90e9cd)
├── node-inspector@0.7.4
└── nodefly-register@0.3.3

strongloop@2fc58988f424:~$ exit

Base Image

To use strongloop/node as the base for an image, simply specify it in your
Dockerfile using FROM strongloop/node:

FROM strongloop/node

# You start off as the 'strongloop' user.
# If a RUN command needs root, you can use sudo

# In addition to standard Linux commands you also have access to node, npm,
# and slc commands

# It is common to copy your current
ADD . /home/strongloop/app
WORKDIR /home/strongloop/app
RUN npm install
ENV NODE_ENV production
CMD [ "slc", "run", "." ]
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