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Vertica Community Edition 7.1.1
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Docker Image for Vertica

Base OS is Ubuntu 14.04.

Vertica Version - Community Edition 7.1.1


To run without a persistent datastore

docker run -p 5433:5433  sumitchawla/vertica

To run with a persistent datastore

docker run -p 5433:5433 -d -v /path/to/vertica_data:/home/dbadmin/docker sumitchawla/vertica

Connection Parameters

Default DB Name - docker

Default User - dbadmin

Default Password (NO PASSWORD) -

Build a new image from [Docker File] (

Download the Vertica DEB package from and put it in this folder as "vertica.deb". Then run:

docker build -t sumitchawla/vertica .
Docker Pull Command

Comments (5)
a year ago

Thanks for this image. One Q though: any particular reason why you locked out shell login?

a year ago

how can we pass db password in docker run if we use a password for dbadmin?

a year ago

Vertica is installed as localhost so it's not possible to use it as a node of a cluster.
How can we do it ?

2 years ago

While using a persisten datastore I found issues with ownership permissions. The folder /home/dbadmin/docker/catalog/docker/v_docker_node0001_catalog is the one that is checked. I'm using windows, so no unix permission schema is available. Can you please suggest a work around?

2 years ago

I was told "Unable to read database catalogs - cannot start database.",
Is there anything I missed?