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PHP 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 for CI and running tests
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TetraWeb PHP CI Kit with Docker

This repository contains a set of utilities for running PHP tests via Gitlab CI.

These tools provide:

  1. Gitlab runner deployment script for Ubuntu on VM or metal server. It is not recommended to install runner right on the production system.

  2. Set of Docker images for PHP 5.5 - 7.1 based on official Docker PHP images with additional modules and Node.js

The goal of these tools is to automate as much as possible of routine work related to configuring the runner so you can concentrate on writing tests for your code.
Also these tools are trying to be resources savvy, since in most cases huge in-RAM caches are not needed for just running unit tests with some fixtures. So you can use very small VMs for running tests

Contents of repository

Quick start

  1. Install Gitlab
  2. Get a server (VM or metal) with minimal Ubuntu-14.04 installed. It will be used for the runner
  3. Login as root to a server and execute curl -S | bash and answer the questions. This script will install docker, Gitlab runner, and configure runner for using these docker images.

Runner is limited to tetraweb/php:* images for main container (where your repository is cloned) and any service images */* (secondary containers spinned for services like mysql, redis, etc)

If you want to use the server for also running other images (ruby or whatever), you should add another runners to /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml, and DO NOT overwrite allowed_images = ["tetraweb/php:*"] for this runner, since it is a potential security breach.


  • Gitlab v9.0 and later
  • Gitlab runner v9.0 and later

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