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deegree web services based on official Tomcat image
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  • 3.3.20, 3.3.19, 3.3.18 (all on Tomcat 8.0+ and OpenJDK 7) - Dockerfile
  • 3.4-RC3 (latest), 3.4-RC2, 3.4-RC1 (all on Tomcat 8.5+ and OpenJDK 8) - Dockerfile

About this repository

This repository provides Docker images with deegree OGC web services. It uses the official Apache Tomcat image with Open JDK. For more information about deegree OGC web services visit


The Dockerfile is available at

How to use this Docker image

Running deegree web services

The following docker command starts the deegree web services inside the Docker container with the name deegree on port 8080:

% docker run -p 8080:8080 --name deegree --rm tfr42/deegree

Accessing the deegree console web interface

Use a browser of your choice and open the URL:


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Docker layers


deegree is published under LGPL, v2.1.

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