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Alpine image baked with TinyProxy
Full Description

Docker Tinyproxy

Docker implementation of TinyProxy

Getting started

For testing purpose, you may want to change the tinyproxy.conf and switch the LogLevel value to Info and comment the Allow line.

# build docker image
docker build -t tinyproxy .

# run container in background
docker run -d --name tinyproxy -p 8888:8888 tinyproxy

# proxy request via the running container
http_proxy= https_proxy= curl -v

# or
curl -x curl -v

# or proxy all requests from linux based containers
docker run -t -i \
  -e "http_proxy=tinyproxy:8888" \
  -e "https_proxy=tinyproxy:8888" \
  --link tinyproxy \
  travix/toolbox \

Custom Tinyproxy configuration

docker run -t -i \
  -v $(pwd)/tinyxproxy.conf:/etc/tinyproxy/tinyproxy.conf
  -p 8888:8888 \


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