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Tyk Gateway in Docker
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Official Tyk Gateway Docker Build

This container only contains the Tyk API gateway, the dashboard is provided as a seperate container and need to be configured separately.

Tyk will run with a defaut configuration unless it has been overriden with the -v flag. Two sample configurations have been provided to run Tyk Gateway standalone (no DB or dashboard, file-based configurations) or with the dashboard and MongoDB.


  1. Get a redis container (required - or use an external redis server):

    docker pull redis

  2. Get Tyk Gateway

    docker pull tykio/tyk-gateway

  3. Run redis:

    docker run -d --name tyk_redis redis

  4. Run a standalone Tyk Gateway with your (modified) tyk.conf (see sample configs in our gateway github repository):

    docker run -d --name tyk_gateway -p 8080:8080 --link tyk_redis:redis -v $(pwd)/tyk.standalone.conf:/opt/tyk-gateway/tyk.conf -v $(pwd)/apps:/opt/tyk-gateway/apps tykio/tyk-gateway

4b. Or to see the gateway in action (non daemonised):

docker run -p 8080:8080 --link tyk_redis:redis tykio/tyk-gateway

Make sure the apps folder has some API Definitions set, otherwise Tyk won't proxy any trafic.

  1. Check it's running:

    curl -L http://localhost:8080//tyk-api-test/get

If you see:

    "error": "Authorization field missing"

Then Tyk is running, use our REST API to create some tokens and add some APIs!

Rich plugins

To run Tyk with rich plugins support, you must set the TYKLANG environment variable. Currently supported values are -python and -lua (for Python/Lua support).

An additional requirement is to provide a directory for the plugin bundles:

$ mkdir bundles
$ docker run -d --name tyk_gateway -p 8080:8080 --link tyk_redis:redis -v $(pwd)/tyk.standalone.conf:/opt/tyk-gateway/tyk.conf -v $(pwd)/apps:/opt/tyk-gateway/apps -v $(pwd)/bundles:/opt/tyk-gateway/middleware/bundles -e TYKLANG='-python' tykio/tyk-gateway`

Remember to modify your tyk.conf to include the required global parameters, essentially:

"coprocess_options": {
  "enable_coprocess": true,
"enable_bundle_downloader": true,
"bundle_base_url": "",

These global parameters are covered in this page.

For more information you may check the official documentation, there's a section covering the rich plugins feature here.

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