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Combodo iTop ITSM docker image based on tutum/lamp image.
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Combodo iTop docker image based on tutum/lamp.


Run new iTop 2.4.0 (see tags for other iTop versions) container named my-itop:

sudo docker run -d -p 80:80 --name=my-itop vbkunin/itop:2.4.0

Then go to http://localhost/ to continue the installation.

Use this command to get the MySQL user credentials:

sudo docker logs my-itop | grep -C4 "mysql -uadmin -p"

or use username root with blank password.

Expose MySQL port or iTop extensions folder if you need it:

sudo docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 3306:3306 --name=my-itop -v /home/user/itop-extensions:/app/extensions vbkunin/itop:2.4.0

The image ships with several useful scripts you can run like this:

sudo docker exec my-itop / [script-params]

If you need the iTop Toolkit you can simply get this:

sudo docker exec my-itop /

A cron setup helper is aboard:

sudo docker exec my-itop / Cron Pa$5w0rD

Then you should create iTop user account with login Cron and password Pa$5w0rD and grant him Administrator profile. Starting from v2.3.3 the third argument (optional) is the absolute path to the log file or --without-logs key. By default, the log file is /var/log/itop-cron.log.

There are other scripts:

  • (or you can use conf-w shortcut without the leading slash: docker exec my-itop conf-w)
  • (or conf-ro shortcut: docker exec my-itop conf-ro)
  • - pull and install latest version from


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