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Short Description
Docker image for Trac development environment.
Full Description

This project contains the Dockerfile for an auomated build project in DockerHub.

It aims to help people start developing Trac in 5 minutes.

Please note that all Docker commands need the root permssion!

How to Install:

  • Install docker
  • git clone
  • cd docker-trac-dev && sudo sh (This would download a precompiled ~200MB image from Dokcer Hub, for the first run.)


  • Latest source code of Trac and Genshi (up to 2016-01-20)
  • Ready-to-go Trac server
  • Built-in SSH server
  • Two authenticated users (user1:pass1, user2:pass2)
  • A sample subversion and git reposotiry linked to the sample Trac instance
  • All services are run by supervisord

Basic Usage

  • sudo sh
  • Start a browser and open the Trac URL: http://localhost:3080
  • Stop the docker instance: sudo docker stop trac-dev
  • Restart the docker instance: sudo docker start trac-dev
  • Remove the docker instance (caution, all your changes will be lost): sudo docker rm trac-dev


  • SSH into the docker instance first: ssh root@localhost -p 3022 (password: trac)
  • Trac source code is located at: /root/trac-trunk
  • Testing Trac instance is located at: /root/test
  • Run unit test: cd /root/trac-trunk && python -m trac.ticket.tests.batch
  • Modify the source code, for example:
    • Edit source code: vim /root/trac-trunk/trac/templates/layout.html
    • Replace the string of Download in other formats with Trac Test Modification.
    • Restart Trac: sh /root/
    • Refresh browser (http://localhost:3080) to see the change

Patch Submission

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