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Unreal Engine 4 Docker Build Image

This is a docker image for simplifying building the UnrealEngine 4 on Linux

It is based on CentOS 7 with all the deps needed to build included. Please note
I am using a custom copr repo which has clang 4.5 and mono 3.10 in it. These
packages clobber what is in EPEL.

How to run:


To Build UnrealEngine:

  • docker pull wshearn/ue4editor
  • docker run -v $HOME/Projects/UnrealEngine:/root/UnrealEngine -ti --rm wshearn/ue4editor
  • NOTE for each build of a different version you will have to pass -ti to it, this is so you can confirm the "destructive" changes.

You can build the Editor in debug mode like so:

  • docker run -e "MAKE=UE4Editor-Linux-Debug" -v $HOME/Projects/UnrealEngine:/root/UnrealEngine -ti --rm wshearn/ue4editor

Or if you want you can build slate viewer by changing out MAKE=UE4Editor-Linux-Debug with MAKE=SlateViewer

You should see the resulting binaries in $HOME/Projects/UnrealEngine/Engine/Binaries/Linux/

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