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Docker image of a server with KCP tunnel and Shadowsocks.
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A Docker image of KCPTUN + Shadowsocks, auto-generated parameters and
ss:// links.

Quick Start

Bootstrap will help you setup a worker container, without setting any
parameter manually. Just copy following line to your terminal and execute it:

docker run -t -i --rm --network=host \
  -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
  yaleh/kcp-shadowsocks-server bootstrap

The worker container will be setup in seconds. Ports and passwords are generated
by Bootstrap automatically. And you will see the Shadowsocks links:

Current container: 2de5d0362e16ef4b134e471ec9ce7ecf47624496e5d92a4c404aaf669108d2d4
Current image: yaleh/kcp-shadowsocks-server:runit
Network interface: wlp58s0
Host name:
Exported Shadowsocks port: 15858
Exported KCPTUN port: 9974
Password: ohHoh4bi

docker run -d --restart=always --name ss-15858-kcp-9974 -e SS_PASSWORD=ohHoh4bi -e SS_METHOD=aes-256-cfb -e KCPTUN_MODE=normal -e KCPTUN_PASSWORD=ohHoh4bi -e KCPTUN_SNDWND=256 -e KCPTUN_RCVWND=256 -e SS_LINK=ss://YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6b2hIb2g0YmlAMTcyLjE4LjAuMjU6MTU4NTg=#SS: -e KCPTUN_SS_LINK=ss://YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6b2hIb2g0Ymk=@ -p 15858:8338/tcp -p 9974:41111/udp yaleh/kcp-shadowsocks-server:runit

Worker container: 29d1d7206b99a809520792382a99ee350b2b8030e4bdf5566577e017e1dd8a5e
Worker container name: ss-15858-kcp-9974


Shadowsocks link: ss://YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6b2hIb2g0YmlAMTcyLjE4LjAuMjU6MTU4NTg=#SS:

QR code:


KCPTUN SS link (for Android client only): ss://YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6b2hIb2g0Ymk=@

QR code:

Then, just import the above ss:// links to your client to your client. It's


  • Show Shadowsocks links and QR codes of a running worker container:
$ docker exec -it 4d658d2be455 show
Shadowsocks link: ss://YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6d3VXYWlsNFY=@
QR code:

KCPTUN SS link: ss://YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6d3VXYWlsNFY=@
QR code:
  • To see the passwords and other parameters of Shadowsocks and KCPTUN:
docker inspect -f '{{range $_, $e := .Config.Env}}{{println $e}}{{end}}' <WORKDER_CONTAINER_ID>


  • The links of QR code can be opened with your browser. They are QR code images
    which can be scanned and imported by Shadowsocks Android client.
  • Bootstrap can be executed for multiple times and you will get multiple
    running worker containers.


docker run -d --restart=always -e 'SS_PASSWORD=SHADOWSOCKS_PASSWORD' -e 'KCPTUN_PASSWORD=balancing' -p 8338:8338/tcp -p 41111:41111/udp --name=my-kcp-ss yaleh/kcp-shadowsocks-server
  • SS_PASSWORD: password for Shadowsocks
  • KCPTUN_PASSWORD: password for kcptun
  • TCP port mapping for 8338: optional, in case to export a Shadowsocks port without FinalSpeed
  • UDP port mapping for 41111: required for kcptun
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