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A Docker image for Flow based on ocaml/opam:debian-8_ocaml-4.03.0
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A Docker image for Flow based on ocaml/opam:debian-8_ocaml-4.03.0.


Install Docker Engine.

Obtaining the Docker image

Downloading the Docker image from Docker Hub

This is the simplest and the fastest solution to get a pre-built image:

docker pull yamafaktory/docker-flowtype

Building the Docker image locally

Please note that this option will take a longer time to be executed.

git clone
cd docker-flowtype
docker build -t yamafaktory/docker-flowtype .

Running the Docker image as a container

In order to execute the flow static type checker in your project, you need to mount the host directory where your project is located (e.g. /path/to/your/project) as a data volume in the container (:/check - this name is set in the Dockerfile so please do not modify it!) by running the following command:

docker run --rm -it -v /path/to/your/project:/check yamafaktory/docker-flowtype

To get a list of the commands and options available via the CLI tool, run:

docker run --rm -it yamafaktory/docker-flowtype flow --help

For example, using the check command (full Flow check that prints the results):

docker run --rm -it -v /path/to/your/project:/check docker-flowtype flow check

Please refer to the flow documentation for further guidance.

Flow version

The current working version is v0.27.0, which is set by default in the Docker image.

You can easily choose any former version when building the Docker image locally:

docker build --build-arg BUILD_FLOW_VERSION=0.26.0 -t yamafaktory/docker-flowtype .


Released under the MIT license by Davy Duperron.

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