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GitLab: web based Git repository manager, similar to GitHub, but open source
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ARM-HF architecture

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

Features and design principles:

  • Based on Debian Jessie.
  • Isolated build steps into a build-only container allowing a much smaller runtime image.
  • Clearly separated initialisation and startup actions need to be taken. Startup should be fast.
  • Cleaner volumes, isolated data and repositiories paths - the latter should be shareable accross multiple instances load-balanced instances.
  • Better directory structure - all relevant configurations are externalised.
  • Increased security a bit here and there by using more suitable permissions

Some features are removed for sake of simplicity and easier configuration / dependency management:

  • Only PostgreSQL is supported as a DB backend - Postgres is the recommended DB by Gitlab anyway.
  • Removed HTTPS support; use a load balancer or front-end proxy with HTTPS support.

Start it like:

docker run -it -p 80:80 -p 22:22\
 -v /some/data-dir:/home/git/data\
 -e SMTP_PASSWORD=soomepassword\

It expects a Redis and a PostgreSQL container being linked named as "gitlab-redis" and "gitlab-postgresql"
respectively. Optionally external Postrges instance could be specified with DB_* environment variables
and / or Redis by REDIS_HOST and REDIS_TCP_PORT parameters.


A PostgreSQL DB container:

docker run -d --name gitlab-postgres\

A Redis DB container:

docker run -d\
 --name gitlab-redis\
 -v `pwd`:/data\

Environment variables


  • GITLAB_HOST -- gitlab host name
  • GITLAB_EMAIL_FROM -- email from address
  • SMTP_HOST -- mail server host
  • SMTP_PASSWORD -- mail server authentication password


  • GITLAB_PORT -- http port of gitlab for https use 443 (80)
  • DB_POOL -- number of pooled DB connections (10)
  • GITLAB_HTTPS_ENABLED -- use https protocol in URLs when generating self-links, boolean (false)
  • GITLAB_ROOT_PASSWORD -- initial root password (check for default)
  • GITLAB_TIMEZONE -- (Europe/Zurich)
  • GITLAB_EMAIL_DISPLAY_NAME -- email display name at from field (Gitlab)
  • GITLAB_REPO_ROOT -- gitlab repostory root - if yo'd like to move it out from data volume
  • UNICORN_WORKERS -- number of worker processes (CPU cores +1 is the recommended)
  • UNICORN_TIMEOUT -- request timeout at unicorn, http level (60)
  • SIDEKIQ_CONCURRENCY -- sidekiq is the background task executor, this value specifies how much task could be xecuted in parallel (5)
  • DB_HOST -- Postgresql host if not linked
  • DB_PORT -- Postgresql port if not linked (5432)
  • DB_USER -- Postgresql username for authentication
  • DB_PASS -- Postgresql password for authentication
  • DB_NAME -- databse name
  • REDIS_HOST -- Redis host if not linked
  • REDIS_TCP_PORT -- Redis port if not linked (6379)
  • SMTP_PORT -- port for sending mail (587)
  • SMTP_USER -- mail server authentication username (GITLAB_EMAIL_FROM)
  • SMTP_DOMAIN -- domain name for authentication (domain part of GITLAB_EMAIL_FROM)
  • SMTP_AUTH -- authentication mode for remote host (plain)
  • SMTP_VERIFY -- SSL verification mode of remote mail host (none)


  • Check ~/gitlab/tmp/cache/... used by assets:precompile, production folder was created.


This is based on official docker image but mostly the one by Sameer Naik.

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