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EYE Server
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What is EyeServer?

EyeServer is an HTTP server around the Semantic Web Reasoner EYE. You can send reasoning requests in the Notation3 (N3) and Turtle languages, and the server answers with the result of the reasoner.

In contrast to the EYE docker image, this server has no start-up penalty for each request, as it remains active.

More details about the reasoner can be found on the EYE home page

Learn more about Semantic Web Reasoning With EYE with a tutorial by Ruben Verborgh

How to use this image

Start EyeServer as daemon on host post 8000:

docker run --name=eye_server -d -p 8000:8000 bdevloed/eyeserver

Use EyeServer:

curl "http://localhost:8000/?data="

You can use the following query parameters:

  • data=URL: a URL to reasoner input in Turtle or N3
  • data=N3: URL-encoded reasoner input in Turtle or N3
  • query=URL: a URL to the reasoner's goal in Turtle or N3
  • query=N3: URL-encoded reasoner's goal in Turtle or N3
  • pass: apply all possible inferences (i.e., reason without specific goal)
  • nope=false: add the proof of the result in the response
  • quickAnswer: only give the first result

Stop EyeServer

docker rm -f eye_server


The Dockerfile is available on GitHub

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